re-flec-tion [ri-flek-shuhn] – noun.

-a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.

in-fec-tious [in-fek-shuhs] – adjective.

-tending to spread from one to another.

re-flec-tious [ri-flek-shuhs] – noun, adjective.

1. blog publishing meditative thoughts meant to spread from one to another.

2. of those tending to engage in such thought.

reflectious is meant to be a hub for meditative thoughts on god and culture.  the purpose is not simply for one to cast verbiage out into the void from whence it shall never return, but to build and engage a community of thinkers and believers.  through this engagement, we involved hope for a transformation of sorts, a shift in the way we think about our relationship with god and humanity.

welcome.  please leave a comment or a reflection to start shaping reflectious today!

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