Alt7 Resources

I’ve tried to collect a few resources from the Alt7 Conference so I can make them available here.  Enjoy:

Seminar: “Emerging Worship Environments”

Adam Walker Cleaveland, who taught this seminar, has an excellent collection of their resources on his pomomusings blog.  Check it out.

Seminar: “Moving a Traditional Church into the 21st Century”

Recommended Books:

The Present Future, by Reggie McNeal

Direct Hit, by Paul Borden

Winning on Purpose, by John Kaiser

Jan Edmiston, who taught the class, keeps an excellent collection of her thoughts on her blog, found here.

Seminar: “Conversation with the Moderator”

Bruce Reyes-Chow, our esteemed Moderator, keeps his thoughts here.

Seminar: “Real Ministry in a Virtual World”

Internet Resources for Churches: (meeting setup website) (online church management) (text messaging management) (collaborative document editing) (group communications) (form builder, useful for event sign-ups, etc.)

Worship Resources

Brian Wyatt has posted a number of the worship resources used at Alt7 here.  Thanks, Brian!

Incidentally, I have plans to use the prayer of confession from the Monday night worship service.  I’ve discovered that My City of Ruin by Bruce Springsteen also works well for the musical accompaniment.   So if the Black Eyed Peas doesn’t fit your worship venue, I’d recommend that instead.  It’s the perfect length for the confessional.  Just make sure you have someone to hit the space bar on the “amen.” screen just as he sings “rise up”.  It fits perfectly.

If you have other thoughts or resources you’d like to share, please do!

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