News: Not Dead Yet!

(Otherwise known as reflectious 2.0)

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed some changes around here in the last few days.  Aside from the fact that I’m actually dusting off the ol’ wordpress dashboard and adding content again, I’ve done a major site overhaul.  The reasons for this were many.  In a world increasingly led by mobile devices, it’s important for any blog or website to be rendered cleanly and quickly on that tablet, smartphone, or phablet being used to view the content.  The old configuration of reflectious was visually striking, but it wasn’t what I would call light or clean.  My hope is that the new aesthetics and interface will be easier on the eyes, but also easier and more enjoyable to view on your Nexus 10.

I also intend to make it easy for readers to find relevant content quickly on reflectious.  The quickest way to do this is to use the site search function on the home page.  However, I do plan in the future to add an index by which readers can find articles, sermons, or just general thoughts on particular scripture readings quickly.  Most readers would rather click than type, so I’m working on something that will make it even easier to access the content that you’re looking for.

Finally, let me say that I would love to hear feedback if you’re inclined to share it.  If you have thoughts about what could make reflectious a better site, please let me know.  I’d love to hear from you, and you can send me your thoughts or connect with me via twitter or facebook.

Thanks for stopping by.  May God bless you and your community of faith!


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