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First Look


First Look: Luke 9:51-62

The disciples will eventually see that Jesus’ ministry is for all kinds of people – even Samaritans!


First Look: John 14:8-27

This is Pentecost! As we live and breathe together, God is breathing new life into our broken world.


First Look: John 17:20-26

With so much out there that divides us, how are we ever to achieve the kind of unity for which Jesus asks?


First Look: John 5:1-9

A suffering man is raised from his thirty-eight year long dead state to a new life of wholeness and worth.


First Look: John 20:19-31

It is easier to dwell in the shadow of the cross, the shadow of death, than it is to believe the good news and be a part of it.


First Look: John 13:1-35

What if, instead of loving the beauty inside our churches, we became known for the loving the ugliness outside?


First Look: John 20:1-18

God’s creative power reverberates through life and death alike, shining light and love into darkness. We call it Easter.