How to Contribute to Reflectious

If you’re interested in providing content for reflectious readers, please submit an email to let me know.  Please explain the type of content you’d like to provide (book reviews, sermons, commentaries, general reflections or articles, etc.) as well as an estimate of how regularly you’d like to publish your work.  If you’re comfortable introducing yourself and saying a little about your theological background, please do!  It will make it easier to connect with you and determine how your content would fit in with the site.

The vision behind reflectious is simple: It is to be a connected online community of thoughtful Christians, sharing their thoughts about God and culture for the benefit of their ministry and the enrichment of their faith.  A diversity of views and ideas is implicit in this vision, and authors from different traditions and backgrounds are encouraged to share their ideas here.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me (Lee) via email.  I’ll be happy to answer what I can, or simply listen to your ideas for how to improve reflectious.

Thank you for reading!

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